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With a highly skilled and experienced team, PRG is equipped to handle any task related to global track-and-trace compliance. From regulatory audits and track-and-trace implementation to product verification and data management, our expertise spans a wide range of services, ensuring comprehensive support for all your track-and-trace needs.

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Why outsource global track-and-trace?

Beyond pharmaceuticals, a host of industries benefit from tapping PRG's experts to fast-track their global track-and-trace efforts. Doing so ensures compliance, timely adherence to regulations, and risk mitigation. Partnering with PRG allows companies to save costs, reduce stress, and focus on core activities like product development and sales. This collaborative approach empowers businesses across diverse sectors to optimize operations and stay competitive globally.

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What They Say

From streamlined processes to exceptional support, hear firsthand how we've helped businesses like yours achieve peace of mind and regulatory success.

“It has been a pleasure since the first day. Their best-in-class team demonstrates incredible industry knowledge and has always supported our requirements. I look forward to our continued partnership through the changing landscape of DSCSA regulation.”
David Scott
Pharmsource, LLC
"I don't have time to track trading partners or check EPCIS for errors. PRG's DSCSA services took the burden away from us, which gives us more time to generate revenue."
Jay Madden
ACI Healthcare USA
“The team is so easy to work with, it’s been a home run. The testing went well, integration was fantastic. Working with the team has been easy, and they really know what they’re doing."
Bill Carney

Why Work With Us

Let PRG handle your global track-and-trace compliance needs, ensuring peace of mind, cost savings, and expert guidance while you focus on growing your pharmaceutical business

Compliance Assurance

Rely on PRG's extensive experience in  global track-and-trace compliance to ensure you're always ahead of international regulations, avoiding penalties and maintaining industry integrity with confidence.

Cost Savings

Entrust your  global track-and-trace compliance to PRG's seasoned professionals to enjoy significant savings on operational costs and overhead expenses, maximizing your budget for other critical business initiatives.

Focus on Core Activities

Partner with PRG to offload the complexities of  global track-and-trace compliance, allowing your team to refocus efforts on core competencies such as innovative product development, effective marketing strategies, and driving sales growth.

Expert Guidance

Access PRG's highly skilled  global track-and-trace professionals for personalized guidance and support tailored to your specific compliance requirements, empowering your organization with expert insights and strategies to navigate the evolving regulatory landscape effectively.

Expert People + Expert Systems

PRG implements and supports a range of track-and-trace and supply chain compliance platforms including OneScan, the #1 DSCSA solution in the industry offered by our sister-company, LSPedia. Whether it’s a new implementation or a migration from an alternative solution, OneScan and PRG is your 100% compliance guarantee.

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Frequently asked questions

What is DSCSA compliance, and why is it important for pharmaceutical companies?

DSCSA, or the Drug Supply Chain Security Act, mandates strict regulations to safeguard the pharmaceutical supply chain, ensuring product authenticity and patient safety. Compliance is vital to meet FDA requirements, prevent counterfeit drugs, and maintain industry integrity.

How can PRG help pharmaceutical companies with  global track-and-trace compliance

PRG offers comprehensive  global track-and-trace compliance solutions, including software development, operations management, and strategic interventions. Our experienced professionals ensure regulatory adherence, risk mitigation, and streamlined processes, allowing clients to focus on core business activities.

What are the benefits of outsourcing  global track-and-trace compliance to PRG

Outsourcing to PRG provides cost savings, peace of mind, and access to expert guidance. By leveraging our expertise, pharmaceutical companies can avoid costly fines, reduce administrative burdens, and concentrate on driving business growth.

How can I get started with PRG's  global track-and-trace compliance services

Getting started is easy! Simply contact us to schedule a consultation with our  global track-and-trace experts. We'll assess your compliance needs, tailor a solution to fit your requirements, and guide you through the implementation process for seamless integration into your operations.


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